We support deepening your spiritual practice while at home and provide a place to connect with other like minded people. Although this work is oriented in Buddhism, we hope people from many different religious systems, as well as those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious, will find useful practices, information and friendship here. We are more interested in supporting happy home lives than in presenting a single point of view.

If you are a parent, grandparent or someone who loves children, family and home, and if you have a sincere interest in spiritual awakening, this is for you.


Jacqueline Kramer

Jacqueline Kramer, author of Buddha Mom-the Path of Mindful Motheringand 10 Spiritual Practices for Busy parents, has been studying and practicing Buddhism for over 30 years in the Sri Lankan Theravadin tradition and Zen for 8 years. When she became pregnant with her daughter she applied Buddhist principles to her pregnancy, birthing and mothering to good effect. This led to her books and teachings. In 2008 Jacqueline received the Outstanding Women in Buddhism Award at the U.N. day for women in Thailand for her work teaching Buddhism to mothers. She is the director of the Hearth Foundation- www.hearth-foundation.org which offers online lay Buddhist practice classes designed for families, a monthly newsletter and other resources for today’s families seeking spiritual support and inspiration. She is past vice president of Alliance for Bikkhunis, has been on their editorial board, and actively supports female monasticism. Jacqueline has studied koans with John Tarrant, written on femininity and Buddhsim for Turning Wheel, and other magazines, and developed teachings which are informed by feminine spirituality. Jacqueline lives in Sonoma County, California near her daughter and granddaughter.




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